• Response
  • Response

    vocal & guitar : Yoshiro Chiba
    guitars : Yuki Okabe
    bass : Hikaru Morishita
    drums & vocals : Miduho Tsutui


    The rock band debuted since 2001 without changing any members until now. They create rock music with persuasive power from emotional melody blended with solid rock tune, beautiful voice between man and woman vocalists is also their significant as well as guitar sound, which is got influence from Western approach, occurred beats shaking both body and soul. While growing up, these original and unique 4 members have been trying to figure ‘responses’ to ‘response’ all audiences from the room called ‘Response’.
  • Response
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  • Response
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  • THE RiCECOOKERS/Response
  • DVD
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  • Response
  • CD
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